Inspire and Build is a positive change agency that provides training to organisations which focuses on wellbeing,  productivity and happiness…

Robot Building Session


Groups work together to transform one of their weak and limited human bodies into a cyber-hero using the very latest in biomechanical exoskeletal technology (cardboard boxes), quick setting biopolymer (hot glue) and… Sellotape.

This task helps participants to enjoy a release from the normal working day. It combines positive psychology, with targeted reflections to reveal insightful lessons.

The Science of Happiness


Here participants will learn how to incorporate techniques introduced in the Robot Building Session into their daily work. This includes the science of happiness, how a small tomato can revolutionise the way we approach work and proven strategies to help us become more aware and alert.

Well Being Coaching


A lot of our clients ask for additional support in implementing the tools that are introduced during this training. We offer a bespoke service of follow-up coaching sessions to support teams and individuals in developing systems that will create positive change long after the training has finished.

About Inspire and Build


Ed Watson uses all of his experience as an engineer, school teacher, workshop facilitator, coach and mindfulness practitioner to create uplifting, energising sessions which are both inspiring and practical. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious as participants can’t help but see the world from a new perspective

Who we like to work with


We want to help organisations and individuals to be more productive by creating opportunities for happiness and wellbeing in the world of work.

We really want to work with businesses that would appreciate an injection of energy and fun into their daily routines, who want to develop staff engagement and who are open to redefining the shape of a normal day at work.



This was so relevant to what we’re facing as a team on a daily basis. So much fun, thanks.

Alice, Founder of We Built This City

This was really useful for my team. I’ve been inspired to take on new challenges and to make more of each moment. I can’t wait to put this all into practice.

Bryony, CEO of Palava

How would you describe the session?


Mind opening, interesting, insightful and creative.

Fun robot making with meditation and mindfulness mixed in. Clever!

Mindfulness robot fun, not pretentious like normal training.

An informal and thought provoking session on mindfulness and practical applications for the work environment.

Inspiring, informing and potentially life changing!

Learning new ways to remain productive and positive through a stressful day/situation.

What will you do  differently because of the training?


Use the pause technique to gauge my emotions before acting – choosing to respond and not react.

Looking forward to my week so I can show kindness and gratitude at work and keep perspective on the issues we face day-to-day.

Take time out for myself each day and not feel guilty about it.

Having realistic expectations of myself and planning my working day around my energy levels – we’re not robots!




Although we offer a completely bespoke planning service, we have three tiers of session you can choose from…

Celebrate Session

1.5 hrs

Tier 1

A great reward for your employees. This team building exercise gets groups talking, laughing and reflecting. Perfect as an evening treat or as an early morning energiser.

Inspire and Build Session

2.5 hrs

Tier 2

More than just a team-building exercise, this session interleaves building robots with strategies for well-being and happiness at work. Participants learn about positive psychology, practical uses for mindfulness and how to develop a working environment that everyone wants to be part of.

Inspire and Build PLUS


Tier 3

This training builds on the theory of the Inspire and Build session but also gives participants the chance to put the theory into practice with guided gratitude exercises, mindfulness meditations and time to develop their productivity systems. This is the session to book for maximum impact!

The training also includes a follow up coaching session to ensure the learning that takes place has a lasting and positive impact.